A region with two names , Basilicata and Lucania, with a complex identity and field of legends and traditions. It was once known as Lucania from the Latin " lucus " because forested land or maybe because it was reached, among the first, by a warlike people who followed the light of the sun "luc " . In 1175 it was called Basilicata - today is officially recognized as it - by the name of the administrator Byzantine Basiliskos. The citizens of this magic and mysterious land prefer, however, continue to called it Lucania. The Lucanians inhabit a mountainous land on the inside and that is released to the sea to the Ionian Sea to the southeast , southwest toward the Tyrrhenian Sea . Rural Land , together with prehistoric and historic, which keeps traces of ancient beauty in its big natural parks, among the temples or on the ridges of the mountains, which offers who traveler unusual landscapes going towards the sea and its mythology. Very lives are the beliefs about witchcraft and magic, frequent recourse to witches and their practices.


The maritime territory includes a coastline extended for about three kilometers, which overlooks the Gulf of Taranto, part of the Ionian Sea , in the municipality you have the presence of the mouth of some short streams ( St. Nicholas, Toccacielo ). These waterways, through the municipal area from north to south, becoming the border and municipal and regional level, in fact, the stream Toccacielo with its mouth ( WWF wildlife reserves , providing refuge and some wading birds common in the Mediterranean basin ( including remember the gray heron ) along with other sea birds like the seagull ), the mouth of the river is located to few meters from the edge of the shore of the town of Rotondella. In the district Laccata the city administration has placed the creation of the Municipal Stadium. St. Nicholas river, more similar to a torrent , it becomes the western boundary of the municipal provincial and regional level, since it stands on the border of the region of Basilicata and Calabria. The most obvious geographical feature of the two streams is given by different basin development, because the Toccacielo in its path does not abandon the municipality, acting as a natural border of the administrative territory, while St. Nicholas, turning west at about three kilometers from the mouth, borders on Calabria.


The Ionian coast leads from Metaponto to Nova Siri and allows you to discover the light and the beauty of this landscape, turning our gaze inward toward even the low hill.

The golden beaches accompany the traveler car to go : at 35 km strip of land that has been dubbed the  "Southern California " just for the pleasure of crossing it in the car. Here you will encounter, however, the taste, the smell and the history that only Italy can keep it and donate to someone. On this coast were built in the eighth century. A. C. the cities of Ancient Greece : Metaponto, Policoro, Siris and Pandosia .
Just in the polis of Metaponto Pythagoras resided until his death in 490 a. C. Metaponto was the center for the dissemination of his thought , and here was born the word " philosophy ," which he coined .
The Temple of the Palatine Tables, was called up to the end of the nineteenth century also "Pythagoras' School " , in memory of the great philosopher .
The archaeological excavations of Metaponto and Policoro exhibit important findings today in museums and exhibition spaces. You can discover the history and at the same time enjoy the nature in the clear sea and cristillano where - for its cleanliness - they reproduce more beautiful and rare species of sea turtles : the Turtle and Carretta .
Nature doesn't end here, nature is everywhere and you can admire the wonderful Bosco Pantano, at the mouth of the river Sinni, reminiscent of the dense wet forests that until fifty years ago covered the sand dunes almost down to the sea.
The paths along the Ionian coast are colored from flavors and traditions, from the villages, from local cuisines and wines from Metaponto, recognized for their value at the international level .